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Raymond Parker was a stand-out player at East High School back in the day but now it’s his sons turn.

I think the 2018-2019 basketball season is going to bring the Nic-10 some parity. While Rockford East is talented, there are several other teams that have a shot at the crown as well.

As each team has a couple stand-out players there’s only a few players that everyone in the conference will remember. While I am firm believer that no individual is bigger than the team, it’s also fun to give credit where credit is due and write player profiles.

Sincere Parker has already drew the attention of D1 schools this April/May and with a solid July with the Illinois Stars, I only anticipate more to follow. Sincere can score, Sincere can shoot it and Sincere is going to be one of the better dunkers in our area.

As I find myself back in the basketball mix, I find myself realizing that the NIC-10 has several pieces that can help break the recruitment stigma Rockford basketball carries with them. While I look forward to continually covering more teams and players in our area, I am pleased to get to know Sincere and help him reach his goals. If you don’t know Sincere Parker’s name, you soon will.

Raymond, a couple weeks ago I asked Sincere if he has beaten his old man yet. Sincere smiled and said “no”. While my typical advise to parents is, keep your kid humble, keep them reaching for the stars, keep them working to improve themselves everyday, my advise to you Raymond, is different. Here it is, “Do not play Sincere in 1 on 1 ever again”. Take a page out of the Jason Warner playbook because the last time Jason, Jeremy and Scott played 1 on 1, I won and I will NEVER play them again.

Coach Jason Warner

8 second video from Practice Tonight!

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High School Program: Rockford East
Travel Program: Rockford Elite/Illinois Stars

Freshman Clips from High School

Sincere is a soft spoken scorer. The game comes easy to Sincere and as he continues to focus on improving his body, you will start seeing his upside kick in. Sincere is special in the fact that he can really shoot it and finish above the rim.

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