Be A Star Shooter!

Be a Star Shooter

Be a Star Shooter 

Audience:  Parents of K-4th Grade Boys and Girls and beyond

Purpose:  Product Review

Problem:  Kids shooting with Both Hands

Goal:  Shooting Form Habits.  (Guide Hand form Specifically)

Product:  The Shooting Strap by Star Shooter Company

Where to Buy?:  Full Disclosure:  Please check out with the Affiliate Link below

Attention:  Parents!  Do you want your son or daughter to have a picture perfect form?  Do you want to make sure your kids have the opportunity to have the best shot possible?  If so, I wrote this article for you because the “Shooting Strap” helps them become their own shooting coach.

Blog by Coach Jason Warner

As you know, the basketball product market can be confusing and sometimes daunting to parents and new coaches.  What is the best shooting product on the market?  What products should I buy?  When should I buy these products?

Since I have been writing and vlogging more and more about basketball products, drills, theories over the last year, I have found great joy in giving away what I have spent a career learning.  One of the products I have first hand experience with for nearly 20 years, is Jay Wolfe’s Shooting Strap.  I have found it to be truly exceptional for the young kids that have difficulty creating proper shooting form habits.  

While there are hundreds of products on the market, this one stands alone when it comes to shooting devices.  Truth be told, I have recommended this product from the first day I was introduced to it and will continually do so, thus this blog.  I hope to maximize my reach because I truly feel it helps kids.  

The major question(s) I get about the Star Shooter product is What does it do? and why do I need it? or even When should I buy it?  In essence, it eliminates nearly half of your child’s shooting problems in their early years by restricting their “guide hand” from getting in the way.  As you can see from the picture below it holds back your thumb on your “guide hand or your non-shooting hand”.  This allows for players to focus solely on just holding a high 1 – second follow through with “shooting hand or their strong hand”.  I do think that with constant camps and continuous prodding, kids will eventually find proper form but this product eliminates so many variables and kickstarts that process that sometimes never happens.  Having said that, I would suggest parents pick up the star shooter strap due to it’s inexpensive nature and proven success.  

Star Shooter Shooting Device
Star Shooter

The 2 Pictures shows the function of the Shooting Strap.  If you notice in the first picture, the thumb is involved in the shooting process on the non-shooting hand.  If you look at the picture titled RIGHT, the Shooting Strap holds the thumb back on the non-shooting hand.

Star Shooter Right Form
Right Form

A few last questions which are popular are as follows.

What is my son/daughter is left or right handed?  The Shooting Strap works for BOTH left and Right Handed shooters.  Watch the video to put it on the first time.

Should I buy this for each of my kids?  That is a great question.  I don’t think there is a need for more than one per household, however each strap may need to be adjusted for different size forearms between use for proper fitting.


Below is an affiliate link where you can check out and buy your own shooting strap.

Note:  The shooting strap is for practice purposes only and not to be worn during game play.


Coach Jason Warner

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