Coach Lewis DVD’s

Hello parents,

The players did an excellent job on June 3 and June 24th of being coachable and giving their best efforts. Here are the four drills we practiced at Boylan and challenged them to practice on their own.

1) “Jump Foot Down” (players spin to simulate a pass and step into the catch to prepare for a shot)

2) “Jump Shot Finish” (holding an imaginary ball, shoot and follow-through in rhythm and on-line)

3) “Protecting Space” (Pivots and rips, athletic position, various speeds)

4) “Owning Space” (Straight line dribbles, intentional change of speed)

Rockford Elite is excited to be able to offer two training DVDs from Coach Lewis’ company, Aim High Hoops, to support what the players are learning at camp. The two DVDs are available at a special Rockford Elite rate of $30, or $20 for a single DVD. They will be delivered June 24 at camp.

Use this link to preview the Progressive Handling training DVD, featuring former Loyola and Carthage standout Erin Thomas.

Use this link to preview the Creative Scoring training DVD, featuring current professionals Eric Palm and Courtney Belger.


Creative Scoring DVD

PURCHASE your DVD’s Here: Pick up available at upcoming camps or local drop off

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Price: $ 6.99