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If you registered for the 2 day camp, there is no need to register again.

3 on 3 basketball camp will consist of back to back to back timed 3 on 3 basketball games.  Kids will register for this camp as individuals and coaches will divide players onto multiple teams

Location:   Boylan Catholic High School, Rockford, IL

What to wear:  Please bring a


  • Sunday October 11th.
  • Tentative times:
  • 2nd – 6th grades – 4pm-5:30pm
  • 7th – 8th grades –  5:45- 7:15pm


3 on 3 Overview –

  1. Demonstrate 3 on 3 (things we want to see). Basket cuts, ball screens, early movement, screen always, back screens, other!  Ways to get open V cuts, etc.
  2. Round Robin Tournament!!!
  3.  Note: ALL age divisions will have a different amount of teams and ALL age divisions will have a different amount of GAMES.


  1.   3 on 3 is played on a half court with one basket.
  2. All Baskets are worth 2 points. (If there is a visible 3 point line – players can agree to            us 3 pointers as well)  Games will be played to 30 points
  3. We will play 3 on 3 with ONE sub every 4 points.
  4. Teams will look at the  NBA logos posted and pick a team name.
  5. Call your own fouls.
  6. Each team shall consist of 3-4 players (3 players on the court and 1 substitute).
  7. ALL GAMES WILL BE BASED ON A TIME LIMIT (Score clock in each gym)
  8. Beginning of the game – Winner of Rock, Paper, Scissors gets ball first
  9. Tied Games at the end of Time Limit.  Play Sudden Death!

10  Fouls during the act of shooting inside the arc shall be awarded 1 free throw, make it and earn 2 points

  1. At the end of a Game – Record your Score at the Poster Boards!!!!!
  2. Be a great Teammate by being positive and encouraging your teammates
  3. Make your teammates Better
  4. Be a Great Sport.  (Pick up your teammates, high fives, point to them on a good pass)
  5. Focus on Competing and Winning will take care of itself!
  6. Play by the score determined by your age group
  7. Record your Score with the Coach in your gym!

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