Program Days

Benefits of Program Days

1. It connects ALL levels of our programs together in a fun and exciting way.
2. It’s run by our Rockford Elite Basketball Staff and led by Jason Warner and Billy Lewis.
3. Each day will have it’s own theme so it will keep the kids interested.
4. It allows for kids that do not travel on our team to still participate in our development program.
5. It allows for kids learn more about our program without making a traveling commitment.
6. It allows for kids to mix with other teams and compete against players in grades under them as well as compete against older kids.

Brayden Lewis wins “Knock-Out” at one of our first Program Days

This is open to all 2nd – 8th Graders

Please NOTE the following!

If you are playing travel basketball with a winter team, you do NOT have to register or pay extra for PROGRAM DAYS!!!
If you are NOT playing travel basketball with a winter team, you DO have to register for PROGRAM DAYS!!!

“I am really excited to offer PROGRAM DAYS this year to the Rockford Elite Basketball Program!” Coach Warner