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The Hoop Guide

The Hoop Guide

Eric Palm is a Pro!

Let’s be clear. Eric Palm is a Pro! 9 years a pro, after signing with MLP Academics Heidelberg in Germany. I think his story is pretty outstanding considering he didn’t play Division 1 Basketball. I think nowadays everyone thinks, if I don’t play Division 1 Basketball, I didn’t “make it”. I personally think this is […]

Just Solve the Problem!

I get it! Playing Division One (D1) basketball is the signature level for defining a player’s success.  According to the NCAA web-site only 1% of high school participants will play D1 basketball (see chart below).  Historically speaking, we have tagged our region as not successfully moving kids to the D1 level however it appears that […]

Basketball to Faith with Chris Westlake

Unity, Servanthood, Humility, Thankfulness and Passion are the words that flowed out of Chris Westlake’s mouth when I got a chance to have lunch with him recently.  For those of you that don’t know Chris, he was was an explosive left handed basketball shooter and one of the best players to come out of the […]

When John Beilein sits over your right shoulder…

The New York RENS (NY Renaissance) have kids offered by Duke, UCLA, Wisconsin, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc etc. etc. etc. etc. Being considered the best travel team in the state of New York, it would probably be understood that there was not a person in the gym that thought Illinois Stars Coach Knauf 17U […]

The Bill Lavery House of the Running 1-Hander!!!

The Bill Lavery House of the Running 1-Hander!!! … Some say “runner” and some say “floater”! But is there a difference? … Most kids today are taught to do a right handed lay-up off their left foot. Conversely, these same kids are taught to do a left handed lay-up off their right foot.  This is […]

What is a Recruiting Calendar?

What is a Recruiting Calendar? Information Below is via the Web-site. Take a second to understand it further. Recruiting Calendars NCAA member schools have adopted rules to create an equitable recruiting environment that promotes student-athlete well-being. The rules define who may be involved in the recruiting process, when recruiting may occur and the conditions […]

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